10 ways to make money from Facebook / Monetize Facebook

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Probably you have heard about making money on facebook,and you read a few scam article about this topic,i search as “make money facebook” on google and read articles about making money on facebook,all was saying same thing “the market place” and other known things like “promote your blog on your wall somebody’s wall” ,and i know that “monetizing” means publishing ads on web to most people,considering this i will tell great facebook applications from where you can monetize your facebook.

  • CafePress Listings : You must know about CafePress , you design cafepress’s products and sell it.You can create CafePress account from Facebook and you can sell your own products to people.Remember that theres 40million facebook accounts.And start selling now.

  • e3Buy Auctions : Add e3buy auctions to your facebook account profile and start making money.Also you can publish your own stuff.


  • eBay Auctions : As we all know this is one of the best auction site(They bought Turkey’s best auction site approximately 2 months ago) on the web,publish what you’re selling on your facebook profile.

From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay

  • FlameTunes : If you’re making music,if you’re DJ,or playing music enstrument,record your music and sell on Facebook.


  • Garage Sale : Easy way to sell your old , second hand belongings to people.

  • Lemonade : Add your favorite stuff to your lemonade stand and then put box to your facebook profile page,and when people purchases from your stand you get paid!

  • Music Blaster : The MusicBlaster allows users to put a simple little music store of their favorite BlastMyMusic.com artists on their profile. Fans can earn 5% for each song they sale and at the same time help gain further exposure for their favorite bands.

  • My Merch Store : Works like CafePress,you design and people purchase.


  • Shopit : Works like garage sale , you can sell your stuff through shopit facebook application to your friends.

After these auction applications,i will share an application with you ,with this facebook application you will earn by clicking ads and referring people this facebook monetizing application.

How can you earn with Cash Cliques?

You will be given 10 ads daily and you will click these ads and you will be credited this is first way to earn money from Cash Cliques,another way is referring,referring people is really very easy on facebook,because theres 40million accounts and most probably 1000 of those will apply this monetizing tool from your referring link.If you make 1000 referrals you will earn $3003 montly! Now register today and start referring and clicking ads.

Okay! Thats all,i hope you will earn much using your creativity . Thanks!

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