Planning To Create Made-For-Adsense Blog?

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In Turkey,you can find tons of made for adsense blogs,but they dont get banned from adsense and they get paid every month,so wondering what they do?

They create a blog for tv-series,they put a message board code from,they add their blog to toplists to be seen on the first page search results,And they add 336*320 adsense code to top of page and they put image ads above the message board to get attention,and they post about tv series,they post youtube videos,and they get visitors.Visitors chat in message board,they meet with other visitors,and the blog is visited by same visitors,that doesnt mean that blog doesnt get any visitors except chatting ones,they do get,and site owner gets 5,000-10,000 pageviews per a day and they earn up to $20 in a day..makes 600$ in a month..and they get paid..

Heres sample blogs

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